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 Beginner Sewing Course



This is the perfect sewing course for you if you are a complete beginner wishing to have a thorough introduction to using a sewing machine, learning different sewing techniques and understanding basic sewing patterns. You will learn to draw a simple patterns in your size and make a skirt, jogging trousers. Then you will learn to read the patterns from the pattern books and learn to make a dress, cardigan, blouse and trousers etc.

During the lesson period you will also learn how to use the over lock machine.

This course is 12 weeks plan.


max 7 people

day time 150+ BTW, evening 155 + BTW

**Thursday 10:00- 12:00

                   13:00- 15:00

 New class 15:30-17:30

***Now you can register for the beginners lesson in  2018



Evening Beginners sewing lesson

Please register for the space on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday evenings.

Text me your name to 06-39658063 to receive the invoice




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