Certificate Course for pattern making and basic tailoring

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Seungha International Tailoring Academy

September 2018

I am very excited to introduce this amazing Dutch traditional fashion education system in English for the first time in history.

This diploma program is based on ENSAID, one of the top traditional Dutch fashion education programs. http://www.ensaid.nl/geschiedenis.php

The ENSAID was founded in 1912 when Ms. Hendrikse-Knapen had devised a method to make dress patterns. Over the years, the ENSAID curriculum for the entire women’s and men’s fashion business has been further developed.

Since then ENSAID has about 300 licensed teachers who teach according to the ENSAID pattern drawing system. They teach for hobby as well as fashion education programs that train for the ENSAID fashion exams.
For further information about ENSAID you can find at www.ensaid.nl


This is a fantastic program as first step to become a professional pattern maker and a dressmaker. The lesson will be in English with the original ENSAID books.

During the course you will learn to make more than 50 basic patterns and learn to make them 1/4, 1/2 scales as well as in actual size. You have classical lesson in the class 3 hours a week and minimum of 2 hours a week house work.

One group is max. 7 people.

Thursday  9:30 – 12:30

Saturday  10:00 – 13:00

The lesson is from September to June. No lessons will be scheduled in children’s school holidays(region north- Holland) and bank holidays. After one school year you will take the exam (June 2019) to achieve the ENSAID diploma which is nationally recognized.

    • Total lesson fee is 1200 Euros including BTW
      • Payment is possible in installments with payment over 6 months.
        • 250 Euros by 21st July (includes the 50 Euros for the required books)
        • 200 Euros by 25th August
        • 200 Euros by 25th September
        • 200 Euros by 25th October
        • 200 Euros by 25th November
        • 200 Euros by 25th December
    • Lesson book cost 25 euro each ( 2 books)
    • Registration fee 60 euro

60 EUR registration fee

*registration until 10th July

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